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Outdoors adventures

Emilia Romagna highlights
A summer of music

A summer of music

Summer in Emilia Romagna will once again this year be accompanied by musical notes with a wide range of concerts, festivals, international events and great musicians, in the most beautiful castles and corners, courtyards and churches, in historical squares and along the Po River and of course along the Riviera.

Bascherdeis Festival

Bascherdeis Festival

The town of Vernasca, near Piacenza, for this international festival of street artists will host more than forty international companies, more than one hundred shows and a long night of music with “After Bascher”.  Among the special guests is Peter Weyel, one of the most famous and celebrated buskers in Europe.  July 26-27.

Riviera Beach Games

Riviera Beach Games

On the beaches of Emilia Romagna a sea of sports will hit the shore for an active vacation.  On schedule are great new events, besides the traditional ones from beach volleyball at the Riviera Beach Run, to beach tennis at the Notte Gialla, foot volleyball and sup, nordic walking and the Color Run.  July 28 - August 3.

What not to miss

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Face to face with art

Among the latest exhibitions, worth mentioning are "Michelangelo and the 20th century" in Modena, "Grafica Liberty" in Cervia, "Maserati 100" in Modena.  Still on schedule are the first solo exhibition in Italy by Nick van Woert in Bologna as well as  "Life, color, fairy tales. The Jewish world of Emanuele Luzzati" in Ferrara.

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Free wifi along the Romagna coast

From the beaches of Ravenna to the sands of Cervia, this summer visitors can will have internet access with their smartphones, tablets or pcs and can surf the web without limits, in perfect harmony with the sea, thanks to the services “Onda libera” (free wave) and “Galileo”.

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National Market Exhibition of Antiques

Italian and foreign antiques dealers will meet up in Pennabilli, the homeland of the Malatesta noble family just inland from Rimini, for this traditional market exhibition.  Of particular importance is the side exhibition on graphic art expression by the greats of the 1900s.  July 12-27.

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International Composing Competition “2 August”

As is the tradition, in Piazza Maggiore in Bologna the winning scores of this competition will be performed in memory of the victims of massacres.  This year's edition is dedicated to music composition for images and will be performed by the Orchestra of the Teatro Comunale directed by Timothy Brock.  August 2.

What's going on now


Markets filled with delicacies and traditional crafts held in the historic downtowns offer a great opportunity to dig through the stands and find unusual gifts with which to fill your pockets.

What to do


Spectacular, interesting and even educational. What more could the Region's Parks offer? Not much, and all they are waiting for a visit from you.

Explore the adventure parksExplore the adventure parks

From the Emilia Romagna Apennines all the way down to the Riviera, there are many ways to have fun for those who love getting in touch with nature when they are on holiday.


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