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Outdoors adventures

Apennines & Nature

Outdoors adventures

Emilia Romagna highlights
Parmajazz Frontiere

Parmajazz Frontiere

Taking the stage at the upcoming events at this Parma festival are: Friday, November 28, the duo Halle and Morena followed by the concert by the students of the Academy of Oslo; Saturday, November 29, the Trio Alperin, Bonati and Dani.  Sunday, November 30 there will be the concert of the students of the Liceo Musicale A. Bertolucci.

Hunting & Country Fishing Expo

Hunting & Country Fishing Expo

Those who love outdoor sports are invited to this trade fair in Forlì dedicated to all the latest hunting and fishing gear.  Besides demonstrations, there will also be interactive areas, games, free lessons, and cultural events.  Do not miss the chance to try the exclusive shooting range, the only one of its kind in Italy.  December 29-30.

Art exhibitions

Art exhibitions

With the fall season, visitors are once again invited to spend a weekend in the ancient towns and cities of art to experience the charm of history and admire exhibitions of national and international masterpieces which are often housed in spectacular locations worth admiring in and of themselves.

What not to miss

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November Pork

In the Parma lowlands, every weekend there will be the "most gluttonous relay race in Italy" including the biggest "Mariolone" (Sissa), the heaviest "Prete" (Polesine), the Guinness record "Strolghino" (Zibello) and the biggest cracklings ever (Roccabianca).  Evenings with music, beer and entertainment for young people.

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Market of independent wines and winemakers

About 260 winemakers from 19 regions in Italy and France and more than 1,000 labels will be present at this national fair in Piacenza dedicated to independent winemakers.  Tastings, meetings and debates will be accompanied by a space dedicated to the "craftsmen of food".  November 29-30.

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Olive and Olive Oil Festival

Once again this year, in the medieval town of Brisighella just inland from Ravenna, the 55th edition of this fair honoring the product that best represents this area will be held.  This product has been recognized with the PDO designation and will be celebrated with expositions and food stands with tasty local dishes.  November 30.

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The Golden Crackling

For its 15th edition, this traditional fair in Campagnola Emilia (Re) will be even bigger.  There will be 150 pork butchers who will face off in the challenge to make the best cracklings.  The heart of this event is the making of the Guinness Super Crackling, the largest in the world.  December 12-14.

What's going on now


Markets filled with delicacies and traditional crafts held in the historic downtowns offer a great opportunity to dig through the stands and find unusual gifts with which to fill your pockets.

What to do

Up and down the slopes of Emilia Romagna Up and down the slopes of Emilia Romagna

The countdown has begun for the opening of the new skiing season planned for December 6. From Piacenza to Romagna there are 15 ski resorts all of which are very organized and have very competitive prices for having some fun in the snow.

Spas in autumn 2014 Spas in autumn 2014

Harmony, wellness and the pleasure of the body go hand in hand with the hot springs in Emilia Romagna.  In the 25 thermal spas in nineteen different towns, from Salsomaggiore to Riccione, there are many great deals this season dedicated to relaxation, getting into shape and free time.


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