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Outdoors adventures

Emilia Romagna highlights
Pink Night 2016

Pink Night 2016

The summer Italian New Year’s Eve will color the entire Adriatic riviera, and part of the Marche coast, pink. “Pink Positive” is the 11th edition’s slogan and will guarantee a great fireworks display, international artists, concerts, meetings and events for young people, adults and children. July 1-3.

Festa Artusiana

Festa Artusiana

The theme of this event in Forlimpopoli is home cooking and the more than 700 recipes of the famous manual by Pellegrino Artusi. The program includes many shows and cultural events for this 20th edition, which also celebrates the 100th anniversary of the death of Olindo Guerrini. June 25 – July 3.

Historic reenactments

Historic reenactments

The ancient splendors and glorious deeds that left their mark on history will come back to life at the Palios and festivals in costume that, all over Emilia Romagna, will pop up in historical town centers, ancient castles or seaside towns with tournaments and challenges, past habits and crafts, dancing, parades and ceremonies. July and August.

What not to miss

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World Ducati Week

Every year the world rally of Ducati riders in Misano Adriatico (Rn) brings together fans from everywhere. There will be many activities on the track, in the paddock and beyond. Among these is a Scrambler, in a special pink livery, which will be the queen of the Scrambler Party at Aquafan. July 1-3.

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Il Cinema Ritrovato

This year, this festival in Bologna turns thirty and will go back in time, from the 1800s to the 1900s, and will travel through space with films from around the world. Eight days of film screenings in five cinemas and under the stars in Piazza Maggiore and Piazzetta Pasolini, more than 400 films and 150 silent films. June 25 – July 2.

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Wellness beaches

Along the coastline from Bellaria-Igea Marina to Cattolica, 35 bathing establishments offer cultural meetings, workshops, group seminars, themed evenings, boat rides at dawn and at sunset, meditation and yoga every day for a good mind-body balance. Until September 3.

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Ravenna Festival 2016

Dedicated to Nelson Mandela this year, this festival is entitled “Ho camminato sulla lunga strada per la libertà"(I walked the long road for freedom). The events focus on the plurality of artistic creations, with internationally known artists. Ravenna, Russi, Comacchio, Forlì. Until July 13.

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Val Tidone Festival

This itinerant music festival will go on a long journey this year in the lands of Piacenza and nearby areas, among castles, villas, palaces, squares and the most wonderful corners of Val Tidone. Both world famous artists and young new talents will participate in this event. June 11 – January 28, 2017.

What's going on now


Markets filled with delicacies and traditional crafts held in the historic downtowns offer a great opportunity to dig through the stands and find unusual gifts with which to fill your pockets.

What to do

Discover the fun at the Riviera Great ParksThe Riviera great parks

Fun, amazing and educational, the Riviera Great Parks welcome you with new and incredible adventures to be had together with friends and family.

Liscio Night in RomagnaLiscio Night in Romagna

All of Romagna, from the sea to the inland areas, will dance to the notes of “liscio” played by famous traditional orchestras, by young bands and by special guest Goran Bregovic, for an event dedicated to music and the desire to be together. July 21-24.


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