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Art exhibitions in Emilia Romagna

From the Middle Ages to the Renaissance, from never before displayed paintings to great masterpieces of art history, from classic influences to contemporary experiments, the artistic patrimony on display in Emilia Romagna is truly vast both in small towns and big cities of art. Museums and historic buildings will open their doors to take you on a trip in which human genius finds its pinnacle of expression.


From the packed calendar of exhibitions around the region, here we offer an overview of those that should not be missed.


In the heart of Reggio Emilia there is much anticipation surrounding "Kandinsky -> Cage", an experience with art and music that goes from Kandinsky and lands at Cage, where the notions of interior and spirituality are investigated as open themes, capable of gathering together many suggestions. Just the works by Kandinsky are about 50 in total including paintings, watercolors, and prints from museums and private collections, among which those that stand out are the ones linked to music, such as the watercolors painted for the theater shows “Violett” (from Centro Pompidou, Paris) and “Pictures at an Exhibition” on the music of Mussorgsky (from the university collection of the Wahn Castle, Cologne). The exhibition will be enhanced by literary works of the artists, videos and installations that invite us to experiment synesthesia in a lucid and recreational way and they offer true discoveries. November 11 - February 25 2018.




Not far from Reggio Emilia, in Gualtieri there will be "Obsession with stares". 50 works by Antonio Ligabue (1899-1965) and 120 works by Cesare Zavattini (1902-1989), alongside an in-depth and wide ranging documentary collection of both, will tell us the story of two of the greatest Italian artists of the 1900s, both from the Bassa Reggiana and men of the Po and both artistic geniuses whose differences become similarities. Until November 12.


In Modena you will relive the long story of a brand which has become famous around the world: Ferrari and its 70 years of life. "Driving with the stars" is the title of this expo that will guide you through the moments in which the life of an extraordinary person and the equally special history of Ferrari crossed, transforming into an eternal dream or lasting only an “action!” or a single scene on a film set. Among the cars on display, you can admire the first Ferrari ever shown in a car dealership, the 166 MM, but also the models that belonged to royal families and even the exclusive LaFerrari Aperta, the perfect icon of the House of Maranello. Until February 18, 2018.



Let’s stay for a little while downtown and enjoy the beauty of "Goal Unesco Site", about fifty photographs from public and private collections taken from the 1880s to today, which look back at the history of the cathedral, towers and square from the end of the 19th century onward, with a focus on the artistic heritage of this entire complex which since 1997 has been on the Unesco World Heritage list. September 15 - December 10.


A stop at the Foro Boario in Modena is a must for those who want to get to know the history of this city. "Mutina Splendidissima", which is being held as part of the program of the same name dedicated to the celebrations of the 2200 years since the founding of the city of Modena, will display artifacts and works of art, along with prized pieces from many Italian museums, with virtual reconstructions of the monuments of Mutina and interesting video information. From November 25 to April 8.

Bologna cannot wait for us to visit to take us first into the rooms of Palazzo Albergati with "Duchamp, Magritte, Dalì. I rivoluzionari del '900", an extraordinary exhibition dedicated to the artists who revolutionized art in the 1900s - Duchamp, Magritte, Dalì, Ernst, Tanguy, Man Ray, Picabia, Pollock and many more, all together to tell of a period of extraordinary creativity and genius (until February 11, 2018). Then there is the beautiful Palazzo Fava, which will host "Mexico, la mostra sospesa - Orozco, Rivera, Siqueiros". Here there are sixty eight works among the most important of Mexican mural painting, recognized as part of the national heritage of Mexico, on loan from the  Carrillo Gil Museum, the Museo Nacional de Arte and the Museo de Veracruz. Until February 18, 2018.



Imola, at its Museo Checco Costa will host The origins of the legend with "Imola '50". The hometown of the racetrack of Imola will look at its history – officially inaugurated on April 25, 1953 – through the reconstruction of what were the very first motorcycle and car races held on this track of Santerno: the legendary Coppa d’oro Shell for motorcycles and the Gran Premio Shell for cars. A journey into the unforgettable 1950s through the “fireballs”, with two or four wheels, that were the first to shoot around the brand new track in Imola, with the aim of rediscovering and remembering that historic period in which everything began. Until January 8, 2018.


Moving to Ferrara, the Estense Castle and the Ferrara masterpieces of modern art at “Art for art. From Previati to Mentessi, from Boldini to De Pisis must absolutely be visited. A new show of works by Giovanni Boldini, Gaetano Previati, Giuseppe Mentessi and other artists active between the 19th and 20th century will be on display alongside the show dedicated to Filippo De Pisis. The show "Freedom of art. Between truth and imagination" leads visitors along a journey among various movements that, at the end of the 19th century, were competing to renew conventional art expressions: from the poetry of realism to the art of ideas, from the macchiaioli to divisionism, from depicting modern life to the decorative details of Liberty. The show continues with a selection of works by Filippo De Pisis, active on the Italian and Paris scenes starting in the 1920s. Until December 27.



Not far from Ferrara, we will stop in Cento. In the year in which we commemorate the 350th anniversary of his death, four years after the earthquake in 2012 during which his paintings were displayed in the most important museums of the world, from Europe to Japan, finally Guercino will come home to the "San Lorenzo" Pinacoteca. The 12 works are on display in the 17th century church of San Lorenzo, an architectonic masterpiece that is now the new museum dedicated to the most illustrious citizen of this small town near Ferrara.


Forlì awaits us at its Musei San Domenico with "Personae - Photography Show of Elliott Erwitt", the first great retrospective of both his black and white and color works. By this loved and inimitable artist, not surprisingly considered the photographer of the human comedy, there are photos of Marilyn Monroe, Che Guevara, Sophia Loren, John Kennedy, and Arnold Schwarzenegger, some of the many celebrities caught in his lens with composite elegance, profound humanity, irony and at times comedy. September 22 – January 7.



Where better to admire an exhibition dedicated to sculptures in mosaic if not in Ravenna? The mosaic city par excellence will host "Montezuma, Fontana, Mirko. La scultura in mosaico dalle origini a oggi", a show that takes a look at the relationship between sculpture and mosaic art in order to investigate and document the beginning, development and various forms of this art used by sculptors since the 1930s. Until January 7, 2018.


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