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Art exhibitions in Emilia Romagna

From the Middle Ages to the Renaissance, from never before displayed paintings to great masterpieces of art history, from classic influences to contemporary experiments, the artistic patrimony on display in Emilia Romagna is truly vast both in small towns and big cities of art. Museums and historic buildings will open their doors to take you on a trip in which human genius finds its pinnacle of expression.


From the packed calendar of exhibitions around the region, here we offer an overview of those that should not be missed.


Let’s start from Parma where we can look into our love for photography with Figure Contro: Photography of differences, a tale of all of those figures who have been excluded from the social history of the 1970s, on the fringe, censured in an era very different to ours today. There are many artists, many wonderful works, until September 30 at the Csac Museum.


Pasini and the Orient: lights and colors of faraway lands. A totally Parma experience to discover the works of Alberto Pasini, among endless landscapes and odalisques, magnificent landscapes to get lost in and travel tales. Until July 1 you can come and get lost in the paintings of Parma.



In Modena this year there are many interesting exhibitions that the city offers: if you love the Japanese world and its curiosities, then do not miss the World Masterpiece Theater, at the Figurine Museum, where there is an exhibition from the world of the 1980s and 1990s. Until July 22.


At the Civic Gallery we can find “A cosa serve l'Utopia” a collective exhibition that looks at the works of different internationally known artists and takes us through revolutions and changes, and utopias, with photos and videos directly from the 1970s to today. Until July 22.



Bologna could not wait for us to arrive to take us to Palazzo Albergati where we can discover Japan: Stories of Love and War. Geishas and warriors, legendary heroes and fantastic animals on a journey that allows us to get a taste of the atmosphere of the Edo period, in what is now Tokyo. Until September 9.


Moving on to the MEIS in Ferrara which through Jews, an Italian story. The first thousand years reveals how history, culture and Italian identity have been formed also thanks to the Jews, who have been present on the peninsula for more than two millennia. This exhibition will lead you through history with a multimedia show and more than 200 prized objects. December 14 – September 16.


In Piacenza, it is still possible to experience the Mysteries of the Cathedral, a climbing exhibition with secret passages in the cupola of the Piacenza cathedral. Until July 7.


Forli awaits us at its San Domenico Museums with The eternal and the time between Michelangelo and Caravaggio the exhibition dedicated to the historical period between the end of the Renaissance and the advent of the Baroque era. You can admire the works of the main painters of this historic era, such as Raffaello, Rosso Fiorentino, Lorenzo Lotto, Pontormo, Sebastiano del Piombo, Correggio, Bronzino, Vasari, Parmigianino, Daniele da Volterra, El Greco, i Carracci, Barocci, Veronese, Tiziano, Zuccari, Reni and Rubens. February 10 – June 17.



Moving towards the outer extreme of Romagna, we arrive in Rimini where we find several interesting art exhibitions on schedule.

The Caravaggio Experience takes us on a virtual trip into the world of this artist, by way of a video installation dedicated to his works, his techniques, and to the themes and secrets of Michelangelo Merisi. From March 29 to July 15.


For art lovers, also the Biennial of Drawing should not be missed, this year in its third edition. It is a journey through the evocative locations of the Malatesta city, with itineraries in the historic downtown dedicated to drawing.


Staying in Romagna we discover Terrena, an event of the municipalities of the lowlands of Romagna in the province of Ravenna, open until July 28. Here, art can be admired in all its various forms, both usual and unusual, as in this case where among fields and pathways we find the most authentic land art. Come and discover it!




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Last modified Jun 18, 2018

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