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Accommodation Structures

In general, accommodation types are divided into annual and seasonal structures. A structure is defined as annual when it is open at least nine months during a year; a seasonal structure is open between three and nine months in a year. To know the operating period of a specific structure you should contact the responsible office. The prices, tax included, have to be visible at the reception desk and in the rooms.

The hotels in Emilia Romagna are divided into five categories: 1 star, 2, 3 and 3S (superior), 4 and 4S (superior), 5 and 5L (luxury). They may also have annexes or outbuildings, which are separate structures from the principal building, but used for general services. Annexes and outbuildings have their own categories, which may be different from the principal structure. 
Depending on the range of services offered, the hotels may acquire further classifications, which are listed below.

  • Motels
    These are hotels equipped with parking facilities, and services for cars or sailboats. No matter the number of stars, motels assure a minimum service standard such as garages, mechanical assistance, gas pumps, a restaurant, lunch bars, buffet or bars.
  • Meublè or Garnì
    These are hotels offering accommodation, usually with breakfast, but without a restaurant.
  • Wellness Centres
    These are hotels equipped with structures and services specialized in relaxation as well as mental and physical wellbeing. The minimum classification is 3 stars.
  • Beauty farm
    These are hotels which provide specialized services such as diet and beauty treatments. The minimum classification is 3 stars.
  • Spa Resorts
    These are hotels providing specialized spa services, with spring water on the property. (Stars: 1 to 5 L)
  • Congress Centres
    These are hotels especially equipped for organising events, congresses and conventions. The minimum classification is 3 stars.
  • Hotel Complexes
    These hotel structures are made up of by more than one building, with a centralized service administration. (Stars: 1 to 5 L)
  • Hotels with rooms and services in separate buildings
    These are hotels in the historical centre of a little town with rooms and services in separate buildings near to one another.

Residences (Hotel Residences)
These are hotel structures providing accommodation, accessory services, and possibly restaurant services, in accommodation units made up of one or more apartments, each with its own kitchen, rooms or suite. These are classified from 2 to 4 stars.

Camping Sites
These are accommodation complexes equipped for stopping over as well as for staying over longer periods of time for tourists travelling with tents or campers and other overnight vehicles. They may also have a certain number of campgrounds with tents, caravans and bungalows for tourists without their own camping equipment. If they are equipped with the relevant structures and leisure, commercial or sports services, they may acquire the title "Holiday Centre". The camping sites are classified as 1 to 4 stars.

Tourist Villages
These are accommodation complexes for overnight stays for tourists without their own camping equipment, and they offer stays in tents, mobile caravans and bungalows. If they are equipped with the relevant structures and leisure, commercial or sports services, they may acquire the title "Holiday Centre". The tourist villages are classified as 2-4 stars.

Youth Hostels
These accommodation structures are primarily equipped for overnight stays for young people and tour leaders of young groups.

Holiday Farms
These are farms which offer accommodation in rooms, mini-apartments or outside. The meals are prepared with the farm’s own products or typical products of the area. The farmhouses are classified using 1 to 5 daisies. 

Bed and Breakfasts
These are private lodging businesses, including breakfast served by the residents of the house. There are three rooms or less.

Rental Rooms
These are lodging businesses offering accommodation in apartments made up of 6 rooms or less in a maximum of two furnished apartments per building. They can offer complimentary services such as serving meals. When they guarantee breakfast they may acquire and use the title “Room and Breakfast”. When the service includes a restaurant it may be called an inn.

Holiday Houses and Flats
These are furnished houses and apartments, with hygienic services and a kitchen, but without centralized services apart from the guest reception. They are classified from 2 to 4 stars.

Non-profit Holiday Houses
These are tourist lodgings equipped for persons and groups, organised and administrated as non-profit, in order to support social, cultural, religious, sports and charity interests.

These include alpine refuges as well as excursionist refuges. Both types offer accommodation and buffet service. The alpine refuges are found in the mountains and the excursionist refuges can be found in excursion areas as well as close to inhabited zones.

Rest Stops
In these areas caravans, auto-caravans, campers and similar vehicles can stay for a maximum of 72 consecutive hours. They may be called “equipped areas” or “rest stops” or “camper service” depending on equipment or services offered.


Furnished apartments
These are furnished houses and apartments that people rent without any additional service.

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