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Traditional beating of boiled eggs

Central streets and river embankment

Tredozio (FC)

Double appointment in the historic village of Tredozio with the Sagra and the Palio dell'Uovo.

The festival renews the ancient tradition of beating hard-boiled eggs that took place in the nearby Parish of Ottignana on Easter Monday. Dating back to ancient times, the beating of hard-boiled eggs was and still is widespread in other centers of Italy, as a propitiatory ritual for spring.

The festival is also characterized by the national championship of hard-boiled egg eaters.

Date: the event will be held on Apr 21, 2019, Apr 22, 2019

Event timetable: during the day


The festival began in 1964 to enhance the ancient custom of beating boiled eggs that took place in the nearby Parish of Ottignana on Easter day. Created in the concomitance of the religious event and propitiatory ritual in the spring, it quickly grew due to the joyful character of the event and more material reasons; the won eggs made for excellent food for a few days for the modest pantries of that time.
Main moments of the festival: the traditional beating of the eggs and the national championship of boiled egg eaters.

During the festival, set-up of various types of exhibitions (of crafts, art, photography), shows with street artists, games involving the public (the classic giant egg peach, the pentolaccia); tasting of typical products (all based on eggs) at the Pro Loco food stands: tagliatelle, omelettes and desserts.

It takes place on Easter Monday. Disputed until a few years ago on the sports field, today it sees the challenge of the 4 districts renewing itself inside the riverbed of the town, in the area in front of Largo Ghetti in the center of the town.
The conquest of the Palio, which renews the annual challenge among the 4 districts, is preceded by a historical parade in medieval costume.
The only and exclusive subject of the Palio races is the egg, both raw and hard; the races that contribute to the conquest of the Palio are four like the Rioni: the most spectacular is undoubtedly the "battaglia delle uova", which sees the Rioni couples in rotation in a meeting of skill and precision, with the launch of 600 eggs for every round. No less amusing and spectacular are the "uovo nel pagliaio" contest with the search for about 200 hard-boiled eggs hidden in a large haystack, the "uovo in bersaglio" race with the throwing of raw eggs towards a maxi target with the opposing team striving to stop the race with a wooden shovel and finally the "tug of war" race on the bank of the river with the two teams positioned on the opposite banks.

Entrance: entry fee

Full fee: 5.00€

For detailed information Mr.Pino Lioi +39.334.5456480,

Information and Booking Centre

Tredozio Municipality - Secretary`s office
1, via Dei Martiri - 47019 Tredozio - Phone: ++39 0546 943937 - Fax: ++39 0546 943921
Weekday timetable:

From Monday to Friday: 10.00 - 13.00 pm; on Tuesday and Thursday: 15.30 - 17.30

Weekend timetable:


By Turismo Forlivese editorial staff (Mar 16, 2019)

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