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The Pilgrims' Paths and the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy


The Pilgrims' Routes

Since antiquity, a pilgrimage has been a journey taken on for devotion and spiritual searching. Discover the 10 ancient routes that can still be walked today in Emilia-Romagna, an important crossroads for religious tourism.


The Holy Gates

Every gate allows access to a place. The Holy Gates of the Jubilee of Mercy present in the dioceses of our region are not only a religious symbol but also an invitation to everyone to enter a new dimension: that of Mercy.
I Santi in Emilia romagna

The Merciful

The world needs witnesses more than experts". A good example is worth more than a thousand explanations. Emilia Romagna is also a "land of the saints", those people who lived and testified about the joy of compassion.

Download the PDF; Along the ancient Pilgrims' Paths in Emilia Romagna

Emilia Romagna is a land full of testimonies of faith. They are kept in its culture and in places of prayer from which the religious sentiment that "carved out" the routes spread into the historic-religious itineraries that crisscross the region. For pilgrims, at one time, these routes were sources of spirituality and the symbol of the culture of welcoming. Today they are the treasures of a map that leads to the soul of this territory. Religious tourist destinations around which entire worlds of art, sustainable experience and slow tourism rotate, along with traditions, and the excellences of a region to be discovered and explored.


> Discover also The Vie dei Romei according to a historic study done by the Region Emilia Romagna in collaboration with the Italian Touring Club and the Institute of Artistic, Cultural and Natural Heritage.
Last modified Feb 20, 2017

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