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Tourist Routes

Friendly territory, the land "with a soul", Emilia Romagna offers a lot of places for the visitor to discover, rare art treasures and unusual places. So if you feel like moving around you will find what you are looking for: try out the suggested institutional sites, which offer the starting point for getting to know the people, the nature, the art and the spirit of our territory.


List of tourist routes: Open-air | Historical-Cultural Trails | Bicycle Trails | A stroll in the green | Spiritual Trails


camper outdoor smallOutdoors: Emilia-Romagna in camper
Twenty-eight itineraries in nature, to historic and cultural places, and dedicated to discovering great local food, with stopping places, maps, and information sheets about the destinations; this is what you can find on this site dedicated to people who love campers. Curated by the Tourism Service and Quality Tourist Areas of the Region.



Historical-Cultural Trails

Paesaggi d'AutoreItineraries in the Landscapes of Author

Motivations for the journey, followed by some indications of thematic itineraries among the lands connected to the Great Figures of the Italian Culture. Discover their beauties through the eyes, the words, the music and the art of the Great Artists that lived there leaving a permanent mark of their inner feelings in the magic of these places.

Giuseppe VerdiViva Verdi

Discovering well-known and obscure places in Emilia linked to this great composer's life through two fundamental and closely intertwined cultural and historical events of the 1800s: the melodrama and the Italian Risorgimento.

Cine Tourism

Itineraries, experiences and evocative places of the great film stars who had their beginning and developed their cinematic art: from Pasolini to Fellini, from Antonioni to Bertolucci, up to Guareschi in the tale of that bittersweet world of Peppone and Don Camillo.

In Matilde's LandThe Lands of Matilde di Canossa

The website offers the possibility to do a virtual travel in the tourist paradises of art and excellent gastronomy in the provinces of Reggio Emilia, Parma, Modena and Ferrara.

In Matilde's LandCastles of the Dutchy of Parma and Piacenza

The website includes itineraries to be discovered, events held in prestigious locations, charming accommodations and a section dedicated to food and wine, with the aim of informing visitors and promoting the history and lands of this area.  Curated by the Association "Castles of the Duchy of Parma and Piacenza".




Bicycle Trails

Bike in the Province of FerraraCycling Tourism in the Province of Ferrara
More than fifty touristic cycling routes along the river Po, in the marshes of the Delta Park, in the cities if art along the Ferrara coast, supplied with PDF maps, GPS data and Google Earth inputs. Provided by the Ferrara Tourism Office.

Bike in the Province of FerraraThe Way of the Gods in MTB

This route connecting Bologna to Florence, crossing the Tuscan Emilian Apennines, has been here for thousands of years and can still be walked today by hiking and mountain biking lovers, on its five sections at heights of about 1000 meters above sea level.

Bike in the Province of FerraraBike paths in the Parks

Bike lovers can now cycle along 10 new bike paths crossing 9 national parks and one nature reserve. The paths can easily be reached by train.





A stroll in the green


This website has been realized in the sphere of the excursionistic cartography project, with the results of 15 maps 1.50.000 scale of Appennino emiliano-romagnolo created by non-sistematic updates over more than 60% of the informations gathered by on site surveys.

Web-TrailsHiking in the Way of the Gods

This route connecting Bologna to Florence, crossing the Tuscan Emilian Apennines, has been here for thousands of years and can still be walked today by hiking and mountain biking lovers, on its five sections at heights of about 1000 meters above sea level.

Web-TrailsHiking in the Alta Via Trail in the Parks

For hikers and those who love old pathways, we recommend the longest hiking trail in the Emilia Romagna Apennines: 500 km divided up into 27 sections crossing over eight parks, with many access points that can be reached using public transportation.


Spiritual Trails

La Via FrancigenaThe Via Francigena
A historical itinerary leading to Rome from Canterbury, a major route which in the past was used by thousands of pilgrims on their way to Rome.  Online you can find a map of the whole route with detailed information about foot paths and accommodations.


The Vie dei RomeiThe Via dei Romei

By land, by sea and through the Apennines, this route includes the most important legs of the journey made by pilgrims in antiquity coming from the northeast to go to Rome.


Light TrailsPaths of the light
Link to the spiritual routes: "Il Sentiero Matilde, la Via Bibulca e la Via Romea Nonantolana", once again accessible by foot and on bicycle, thanks to clear indications and signs.

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