De Chirico out of the frame

Manikins and myths in metaphysical sculpture

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    Via Rusticana - Pieve di Cento
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    13 Apr - 31 Dec

Suspended in space and time, the mysterious characters who have made Giorgio de Chirico’s Metaphysical art so famous were reproduced over and over again, not only in graphics and paintings but in 3D versions, works of sculpture with which the general public is probably not yet familiar. Lesser known than his paintings but no less evocative, the great master’s sculptures are the focus of the exhibition opening on April 13 at the MAGI'900 Museum in Pieve di Cento.

To present to the public an important core collection of 19 of these sculptures, recently added to MAGI’900’s permanent collection along with a number of valuable graphic works, the museum is holding a special exhibition comparing De Chirico’s two-dimensional works with the versions he constructed in the round. The works on exhibit will include a number of key figures from De Chirico’s imagery, such as Archaeologists, Troubadours, Colonial Manikins, Muses, and Horses, themes presented in a number of versions offering one of the most comprehensive overviews of Metaphysical sculpture ever held in Italy.

The installation is set up by Valeria Tassinari. 

Last update 11/12/2019


  • Via Rusticana - Pieve di Cento
13 April - 31 December 2019
but tuesday
10:00 - 19:00
Full ticket
€ 7.00 a temporary exhibition, € 10.00 2 temporary exhibitions
Reduced ticket
€ 5.00 a temporary exhibition, € 7.00 2 temporary exhibitions

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