Fellini 100 Immortal genius. The exhibition

100 years after the birth of the Maestro Federico Fellini, Rimini celebrates him with an exhibition in the halls of Castel Sismondo

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100 years after the birth of the Maestro Federico Fellini, Rimini celebrates him for a whole year with a series of initiatives starting from mid-December with an exhibition in the halls of Castel Sismondo. A traveling exhibition that, from December 14, 2019 until April 13, 2020, brings back memories, emotions, frames, scenes, suggestions from the extraordinary world of Fellini's imagination.
Designed by Studio Azzurro in Milan, the exhibition is set up in Castel Sismondo, part of the future headquarters of the Fellini Museum, and will revolve around three contents:

  • The first core tells the history of Italy, from the 1920-1930s through the postwar period and then to the end of the 1980s, through the imaginary of Fellini’s films
  • The second core talks about the Director’s real and fictional fellow travelers
  • The third core will introduce the permanent Federico Fellini International Museum project.

Unpublished and unseen material will be presented to recreate Fellini’s imaginary. They include materials from the Fondo Nino Rota, the famous composer who worked with Fellini in many of his films. In particular, a series of original notepads - where Rota wrote down the Master’s indications for the soundtrack to his directorial choices - will be exhibited for the first time.

Among the unpublished materials, there is the very first screenplay of what later would become Amarcord, entitled "Il Borgo", in a first draft, and the screenplay of 'Otto e mezzo' owned by Lina Wertmuller, who was assistant director in that film.

The ecclesiastical clothes of the film 'Rome' will walk the catwalk alongside the 'Casanova' costumes, for which the scenographer Danilo Donati won the Oscar. Also from Casanova’s set, the exhibition will include the original clapper board, loaned by the Fondazione Fellini of Sion, with which the Municipality of Rimini signed an agreement.

On display also other loans from Elisabetta Catalano's photographic archive and from the private collections of two masters of photography, such as Tonino Delli Colli and Giuseppe Rotunno, while the repertoire images of the Istituto Luce and Teche Rai will run alongside the sequences of the films. From the archive of the Tonino Guerra Association the unpublished materials belonging to the poet, writer and screenwriter born in Santarcangelo in 1920, testimony of a human and professional encounter that has marked the Italian cinema and culture.


Piazza Malatesta, 24, 47923 Rimini RN, Italia
Dal December 14, 2019 al April 12, 2020
Days of week
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
From 10:00 to 23:00
Last update 10/02/2020

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