Ravenna Festival 2020

The music in Italy restarts from Ravenna

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    Via Rocca Brancaleone - Ravenna and others places
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    21 Jun - 30 Jul

Sunday 21 June, the music in Italy restarts from Ravenna.

It's thanks to Ravenna Festival that music restarts, opening to the public the Brancaleone Fortress and giving a great concert directed by RICCARDO MUTI.

In this historical open space, the Orchestra Giovanile Luigi Cherubini and soprano Rosa Feola will meet the Maestro for the first public concert in Italy after a long and thundering silence due to the epidemic containment measures taken in the last months.

It's an event with a great symbolical value, whose importance is further underlined by the presence of Minister Dario Franceschini and the national TV coverage of RAI on the same day of the music festival.

The 31st edition of Ravenna Festival, recreated ad hoc for an unprecedented context, will continue until 30 July, with more than fourty events. The main stage will be inside the Brancaleone Fortress, but the Festival will also take place in the nearby cities of Cervia and Lugo.

The social-distancing measures will be applied in order to grant the complete safety of the artists, the personnel and the 250 spectators allowed at the event; the latter will have to wear a mask and respect a system of entrances in shifts.

The opening concert - a special edition from every point of view - recollects in one single event all the history of the Ravenna Festival, whose destiny has been up in the air for weeks, given the happenings and the regulations that led to the closing of theatres and caused the cancellation of events throughout Italy.

In 1990 it was Muti who directed the opening concert of the first edition of Ravenna Festival inside this fortress, built in the 15th century, directing the Cherubini Orchestra, which is made up of Italian musicians under-30. By choosing for the occasion this particular concert and especially this Orchestra, Ravenna Festival launches an unmistakable message: music and, in a broader sense, culture can restart only if we look at the new generations of artists, who are paying the highest price of the extremely long-lasting silence that hit this so strange 2020.

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  • Via Rocca Brancaleone - Ravenna
  • Via Ravenna - Cervia
  • Piazza Giuseppe Mazzini, 78 - Lugo
21 June - 30 July 2020

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