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Circus 8 and 1/2 of flavors

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    Piazza Cavour, 11 - Rimini
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    25 - 27 Sep
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Circus 8 and 1/2 of flavors, things made by hand and heart, is back in Rimini in late September together with Massimo Bottura and other great Italian chefs.

Al Meni restarts for a special edition which, in the year of Fellini's birth centenary, will host the General States of Dreams, moving the traditional date in June to late September. The great event dedicated to food in all its forms includes star-studded show cooking, high quality street food and markets dedicated to the excellent products of the area, craftsmanship and creativity.

As usual Massimo Bottura, Chef Patron of Osteria Francescana restaurant and founder of the non-profit organization Food for Soul, will be the star of the show together with other great interpreters of Italian cuisine, who will enhance the best products from Emilia Romagna, the only region in Europe with 44 PDO and PGI products, bringing tastes of magic inside and outside the Circus of Flavors, in the year that celebrates the birth centenary of the great director Fellini.

Next to the Circus there will be the Market of food excellences with the best farmers and agricultural producers of the region and Matrioska, the lab of creative artists and designers, who will present their creations in the atmosphere of a street party.

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  • Piazza Cavour, 11 - Rimini
25 - 27 September 2020
every saturday e sunday
10:00 - 00:00

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