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Nonantola is located about 10 kilometers from Modena in the direction of Ferrara, along the Provincial Road 255, the so-called Nonantolana.

Why visit it

In Nonantola the history of the high and mighty blends with the peasant culture based on wisdom and a love of the earth.

Do not miss

The Abbey of San Silvestro, founded in 752 A. D. by St. Anselmo, become one of the most powerful abbeys in northern Italy, and is the only Romanesque monument in the Province which bears comparison with the Cathedral of Modena.

The Abbey Museum, in which the Treasure and relics of the Abbey’s considerable endowment (such as the Staturoteca – a double Byzantine cross of the 11th century) are preserved is not to be missed. According to legend, the cross contains a fragment of the Holy Cross.

The Bolognese Tower, built in 1307 by the Bolognese after the conquest of Nonantola; when its original military function was no longer necessary, it was first used as a prison, then as a warehouse, and finally as a water tower. Since 2007 it has housed the Museo di Nonantola, the civic museum.

Partecipanza Agraria, founded in 1058, is one of the very few forms of collective management of agricultural land still present in Italy. Still today, its collective land heritage is periodically divided up, by draw, among the descendants of the town's original families, who are required to still reside in the town to be eligible.

The Modenese Tower, built by the Modenese in 1261 to house a garrison of soldiers to control the hamlet, the tower was a fundamental element of Nonantola's medieval defence system.


The Torrazzuolo Ecological Rebalancing area houses one of the most important woodlands in the Emilia-Romagna Region.
It offers significant attractions in terms of the environment and wildlife, and strolls around the forest and the wetland include the opportunity to view a great variety of wildlife and waterfowl from the Lipu (Bird Protection League) bird watching huts.
The Casa della Guardia provides an educational center where workshops and guided tours are organized by appointment.

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