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Important archaeological site, nowadays it lives on agriculture, craftsmanship, industry and tourism.

What to see: the Castle (private but visible from outside, it characterises, with the many other castles in the territory, the landscape of Piacenza), S. Mario Church, the Belfry .

What to see nearby: Grazzano Visconti, in Albarola Villa Peirano (growing farm and villa for receptions), Veano, Bicchignano, Chiulano, Cariano; finally, the Vine and Wine Museum in ‘La Tosa’ Vine growing farm, in the village bearing the same name.

This area is part of the "Gourmet Food and Wine Trail of Piacenza hills".

Last update 16/01/2020

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Via Castello 29020 Vigolzone (Vigolzone)
0523 870997

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